2017/ 3 / 27 / 16:16

1. Sakura Roll Cake - 299,000VND
We use fresh real sakura leaf to mix with rich custard cream for filling inside, then rolled by silky & moist sponge for an exclusive taste. In this class, you will learn the technique of wrapping and rolling without breaking the sponge surface. View schedule
2. Sakura Icing Cookies - 299,000VND
Butter crispy cookies in shape of Sakura flower drawn by "icing sugar" technique. View shcedule
3. Sakura Cheese Cake 399,000VND
Our signature and "best-seller" class all the time. This is a kind of non-baked cheese cake with 3 layers: buttery cookies at the bottom, gentle sour taste of smooth cheese crèam middled, finally topped with real sakura flower which is eatable. View schedule
4. Combo 3 Sakura classes - 899,000VNDk (save 300,000VND)
Creamy Sakura Cheese, soft Sakura Roll, crispy Sakura Cookies sales up to 300,000VND. View schedule