Roll-Sushi (Ms. Hasegawa)

Do you know there are several types of sushi in Japan?

Information about Roll-Sushi (Ms. Hasegawa)

Roll-Sushi (Ms. Hasegawa)

To enjoy sushi more casually with friends, lovers and family, Star Kitchen opens a class of "Temaki-zushi("手巻き寿司", roll sushi)" class as a new sushi class!
In this class, you also learn how to make chawan-mushi("茶碗蒸し", steamed egg hotchpotch) and "Osuimono"("お吸い物", Dashi based clear soup). They are the perfect combination to enjoy sushi's faint and complex flavor.

Let's enjoy learning beautiful Temaki zushi and have a sushi party at your home!

Class LevelJapanese Cooking

Capacity8 people

Fee500,000 VND



- No teacher assigned.

Class Schedule

There is no schedule for this class