Nama Choco

Nama Chocolate is a popular gift for Valentine's day in Japan. Pretty, simple and delicious, this chocolate is sure to melt anyone's heart. Looking for a easy way to make a delicious sweets? Nama Chocolate recipe is just right for you!

Information about Nama Choco

Nama Choco

In Star Kitchen, you will learn White Nama Choco with green tea which has good balance between bitterness and sweetness. There is no need for "tempering" the chocolate, which is needed for making normal chocolate. Everybody should not miss this Nama Choco lesson, since even the complete beginner can master these delicious sweets!

Class LevelCake

Capacity8 people

Fee350,000 VND

Class will be in Vietnamese and English. Fee includes ingredients and 16 pieces (8 pieces each type) to bring back. 2 students will form 1 group to make cakes together.


- Yuya Arashima

Class Schedule

No.1 Date  12/28/2018 Time  10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM Description    No description
No.2 Date  01/04/2019 Time  06:30 PM ~ 08:30 PM Description    No description