Adult classes

Students must be from 15 years old
Tokyo Cheesecake
400,000₫ / Unit
Extremely soft baked cheese cake
Mochi Cream
400,000₫ / Unit
Japanese mochi cream with 2 flavors: blueberry cheese & matcha
Sakura Cheesecake
700,000₫ / Unit
Star Kitchen's signature cake with yogurt mousse, cookie base & sakura jelly
Mont Blanc Class
700,000₫ / Unit
A soft sponge covered with special French chestnut cream & fresh chestnuts
New York Cheesecake Class
550,000₫ / Unit
Moist and rich in baked-cheese flavors
Choux Cream Class
550,000₫ / Unit
Choux au craquelin with vanilla and matcha flavors
Nama Chocolate Class
400,000₫ / Unit
Handmade chocolate with 2 flavors: rhum & matcha
Sparkling Raspberry Mousse
800,000₫ / Unit
A special cake is combined between coconut sponge and sweet-and-sour raspberry. The appearance of Sparkling Raspberry ...
Kyoto Matcha Class
700,000₫ / Unit
Soft matcha sponge combines with premium matcha cream & white chocolate cream