Adult classes

Students must be from 15 years old
Lớp Florentine hạnh nhân & Financier
550,000₫ / Unit
Financier mềm ẩm thơm bơ cùng Florentine hạnh nhân giòn tan ngọt ngào
700,000₫ / Unit
The most favorite baking class in Star Kitchen. Rich corn flavor in each slice of cake
Coconut Strawberry Mousse
600,000₫ / Unit
A combination of the fragrant-soft, creamy coconut mousse and the sweet and sour strawberry flavor.
Blueberry Yogurt Mousse
600,000₫ / Unit
Blueberry mousse and yogurt mousse makes a balance sweet and sour taste
Lychee Raspberry Mousse
700,000₫ / Unit
The melody of summer with each rich flavors note from tropical lychee and fresh raspberries
Opera Cake
800,000₫ / Unit
Opera cake originated from France, popular around the world
Chocolate Vanilla Class
800,000₫ / Unit
A premium version of chocolate cake with special ganache chocolate & a soft sponge
Sparkling Raspberry Mousse
800,000₫ / Unit
A special cake is combined between coconut sponge and sweet-and-sour raspberry. The appearance of Sparkling Raspberry ...
Orange Brioche Class
600,000₫ / Unit
A soft and fluffy texture, and a sweet buttery flavor with orange peel and jam