Adult classes

Students must be from 15 years old
Deluxe Teriyaki Pizza
550,000₫ / Unit
Lớp Matcha Fruit Cheesecake
550,000₫ / Unit
Double Fromage Class
800,000₫ / Unit
Special combination between Baked cheesecake and Cheesecake mousse
Kyoto Matcha Class
700,000₫ / Unit
Soft matcha sponge combines with premium matcha cream & white chocolate cream
Mille Crepe Class
400,000₫ / Unit
Soft butter crepes combine with custard cream, blueberry jam & fresh strawberries
Strawberry Shortcake Class
700,000₫ / Unit
Beautiful shortcake with fresh Strawberries
400,000₫ / Unit
Giòn tan, thơm bùi hạnh nhân cùng mứt cam the mát
Sakura Roll
320,000₫ / Unit
400,000₫ / Unit
Roll cake with sakura leaves cream & pink pastel sponge cake
Cartoon Mooncake
600,000₫ / Unit
Funny & creative classes that you can make many cute mooncake