Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Opera Cake

Opera Cake

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Opera cake originated from France, popular around the world. The cake has several interlaced layers: a layer of the cake made from rich aromatic almonds, a creamy butter layer soaked in the smell of coffee and covered with ganache. This sweet cake will not disappoint chocolate devotees.

At the Opera cake class, you will learn:

- How to make the almond cake (Biscuit Joconde)

- How to make Joyaltine Cake Crust

- How to make the coffee buttercream

- Making ganache

- How to cut cake and layer it up so that it's beautiful

- Bring home Cake size 12x12cm 

- Please read the class RULES carefully before registering

Class advantages
  • The class has prepared recipes, ingredients & equipment. Students do not need to prepare anything.
  • The friendly, cheerful teachers, many years of baking experience, and teaching will guide you to make a delicious and lovely cake.
  • Tuition fee includes all materials & equipment, students are allowed to bring the cake back, without any extra fee.
  • A class of only 4-8 students, teachers follow each of you to ensure the quality of learning
  • Class time is only 2-3 hours, with daytime classes, evening classes and weekend classes
Class rules

I.             Regulations of class registration

1.    Ways of registration

-      Direct registration: participants come to and pay tuition fees at the 2nd floor, 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. (Working hours: 9:00- 18:00 Monday to Sunday).

-      Phone registration: participants contact the hotline 034 968 1044/ 02838238639 for more information on class registration. (Working hours: 9:00- 18:00 Monday to Sunday).

-      Online registration:

+ Access to Facebook and send messages to Star Kitchen click here

+ Register by website, refer photos of classes and timetable click here. Register for class on the website click here

2.    Payment and valid registration

Please pay the tuition fee within 48 hours after registration for the class. In the case of participants register within 48 hours before the class, participants have to pay the tuition fee before the class at least 4 hours. Star Kitchen does not accept participants who pay tuition fees when coming to class. 

All classes have a maximum of 6-8 people. So, participants should pay tuition fees as soon as possible to be reserved rooms.  


1.    Transfer payment: Star Kitchen will contact you to provide transfer information within 24 hours after you provide necessary information including name, phone number, and selected class. 

2.    Payment in class: Participants can come to class to pay tuition fees at the 2nd floor, 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. 

Class is successfully registered after participants pay tuition fees and confirmed by Star Kitchen.

Star Kitchen will send messages to participants’ phone numbers one day before the class to remind participants of class attendance. Please reply to us when receiving our messages.

II.           Regulations of being late and not join in class

1.    Regulations of being late

-      The class will be started on time as announced. So, to ensure that the class will be begun on time and not negatively impact others, all participants should come to at least 10 minutes before the class to receive a recipe and apron. 

-      In the case of participants come to class late for more than 10 minutes, Star Kitchen has the authority to reject those participants to attend the class and not refund tuition fees. In every dispute occurs, the final decision rests with Star Kitchen.

2.    Regulations of class cancel and tuition fee reserve.

-      In the case of Star Kitchen cancels class: when there are not enough participants (less than 2 people), Star Kitchen will cancel the class and announce to participants 24 hours before the class. The tuition fee will be reserved and paid for the next class within 15 days from canceled class date or refunded within 10 days from canceled class date if participants cannot choose another class.

-      In case participants cancel the class: If participants cannot attend the class give up a seat to another, please notify us at least 48 hours before the class. The tuition fee will be reserved and paid in the next class within 15 days from the canceled class date. Participants can pay additional fees to register for other classes if the tuition fee is higher. If the canceled class has a value greater than the following registration class, participants can use the difference to register for the second class within 15 days from the canceled class date

-      In case participants do not announce at least 48 hours before class, Star Kitchen will consider that participants cancel the class and we will not reserve or refund tuition fees. 

-      In other cases (unexpected busy, illness, weather,…) that Star Kitchen is not the cancellation party, Star Kitchen is not responsible for tuition fee reservation or refund.

III.         Process of class

-      Check the participants’ attendance.

-      Instructors introduce names, ingredients, and tools of baking.

-      Practice: 2 participants work together in one team. Each individual has one cake and decorates that cake by instructors.

-      All classes are sponsored by Asahi and Panasonic. So, there will probably have movies/ photo shooting activities which are used for promotional articles. 


IV.         Rules of class

-        Participants have to wash the tools used in the class. Using specialized devices to take photos

and record is not allowed in class when we do not agree.

-        Participants are not allowed to upload Star Kitchen’s recipe and photos of the baking process on the Internet

(website, blog, Facebook, Instagram…) without Star Kitchen’s permission.

-      Do not use recipes and images of Star Kitchen for commercial purposes. 

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