All classes

All classes include: Class for adult, mom&kid class and kid class (only in summer)

Opera Cake
800,000₫ / Unit
Opera cake originated from France, popular around the world
Chocolate Vanilla Class
800,000₫ / Unit
A premium version of chocolate cake with special ganache chocolate & a soft sponge
Sparkling Raspberry Mousse
800,000₫ / Unit
A special cake is combined between coconut sponge and sweet-and-sour raspberry. The appearance of Sparkling Raspberry ...
Orange Brioche Class
600,000₫ / Unit
A soft and fluffy texture, and a sweet buttery flavor with orange peel and jam
Sakura Cheesecake
700,000₫ / Unit
Star Kitchen's signature cake with yogurt mousse, cookie base & sakura jelly
Tiramisu Class
700,000₫ / Unit
Rich coffee fragrant and mascarpone cheese
Tokyo Cheesecake
400,000₫ / Unit
Extremely soft baked cheese cake
Baked Egypt Yogurt Cheesecake
600,000₫ / Unit
Hương vị béo ngậy của yourt Egypt quyện cùng cheesecake ẩm mịn
Gaute Flan
550,000₫ / Unit
Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo của gaute mềm xốp cùng flan mịn màng - căng mọng