Tet Gift Set Fuji 01
Tet Gift Set Fuji 01
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Tet Gift Set Fuji 01

Golden Flake Sochu - Hibiki 21 years-old - Mendiant chocolate - Wagyu Beef Jerky - Yuzu peel - Japanese Dried Apple 
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Tet Gift Set 2021 is inspired by Japanese culture - Hatsuyume (初夢) is the first dream in the new year. It is traditionally believed it foretells the kind of year and luck you will receive for the year ahead. If your dream is about “Ichi Fuji, Ni Taka, San Nasubi” (literally: 1 Fuji, 2 hawks, 3 eggplants). One theory suggests that this combination is lucky because Mount Fuji is Japan's highest mountain, the hawk is a clever and strong bird, and the word for eggplant (茄子 nasu or nasubi) suggests achieving something great (成す nasu)

All the items in Tet gift set are handmade from high-quality ingredients without any preservatives, please try it as soon as possible to fully enjoy the flavor. 

  • Golden Flake Sochu (720ml): The national spirit of Japan is made of high-quality Japanese barley, wheat malt, and aged 3 years to reach elegant scent and smooth flavor. Especially golden leaf made of 100% pure gold and edibility is an outstanding emphasis on this drink. A product of HAKUZA – a Japanese company specialized in gold processing, located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, a capital of gold leaf in Japan.
  • Hibiki 21 years old: Hibiki 21 is a sophisticated wine produced with more than 30 whiskies and aged for 21 years to achieve the most unique flavor. Hibiki 21 has a darker amber than Hibiki 17. Black raspberry, ripe banana and caramel aroma will be pervasive when Hibiki 21’s lid is opened; palate will taste the flavor of beeswax and dried apricot, and moreish incense will be prolonged.  
  • Mendiant chocolate (5pcs): Made by fresh chocolate with 100% cocoa butter with Belgian ingredients and technology, chocolate is decorated with nutrient nuts (cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnut… ) and dried fruits have their own attractive specific flavor.
  • Wagyu Beef Jerky (100g) - Dried beef with the main ingredient of Wagyu beef imported directly from Japan. Fresh Wagyu beef with the features of fat veins interwoven with each muscle to create a soft, wet, and creamy dry beef dish.
  • Yuzu Peel (100g) - Yuzu is a typical fruit of Japan with a strong, refreshing aroma. Yuzu rind jam has a bright yellow color and has a sweet, light, and sour taste.
  • Japanese Dried Apples (150g) - Make from fresh apples, grown by Japanese experts with the highest care and meticulousness and modern production technology, dried apple keeps attractive bright yellow color and natural sweet-and-sour taste
Kích thước hộp: 44*27*11 cm
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