Hokkaido - Tokyo - Kyoto Roll

We offer you 3 Japanese-style roll bread, Tokyo Cinnamon roll, Kyoto Yatsuhashi roll and Hokkaido roll!

Information about Hokkaido - Tokyo - Kyoto Roll

Hokkaido - Tokyo - Kyoto Roll

Tokyo Cinnamon roll is a soft and sweet bread with sauted apple and raisins spiced with cinnamon, with special rich cream cheese icing on top.
Kyoto Yatsuhashi roll is a featured by Kyoto's traditional sweets "Yatsuhashi". You can enjoy combination of chewy matcha bread and anko (red bean paste), with gentle sakura flavor inside!
And about Hokkaido roll, we offer you Hokkaido's real taste with potato and bacon, with Star Kitchen's manager's approval from Hokkaido!

Class LevelBread

Capacity8 people

Fee500,000 VND



- No teacher assigned.

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