Adult classes

Students must be from 15 years old
Pear Caramel Mousse
700,000₫ / Unit
Pear Caramel Mousse is very eye-catching with 4 layers of cake with harmonious flavor.
Opera Cake
800,000₫ / Unit
Opera cake originated from France, popular around the world
Fruit Mille Crepe
600,000₫ / Unit
FRUIT MILLE CREPE is combined with the sweet and sour taste from juicy fruits and fresh cream
Passion Cheesecake Class
550,000₫ / Unit
Sweet and sour with aroma from passion fruit cheesecake
Sakura Cheesecake
700,000₫ / Unit
Star Kitchen's signature cake with yogurt mousse, cookie base & sakura jelly
Avocado Tiramisu Class
800,000₫ / Unit
Fresh avocado version of Tiramisu
Tiramisu Class
700,000₫ / Unit
Rich coffee fragrant and mascarpone cheese
Hokkaido - Tokyo - Kyoto Bread Class
600,000₫ / Unit
Handmade bread with 3 flavors from Japan
700,000₫ / Unit
Rich in fresh corn flavor